Saturday, December 10, 2011

Change is Good

I am a firm believer that change is good.  Change is scary and often hard, but it is good.  Besides, I have never thought that hard and good were mutually exclusive terms.  Change challenges, it forces growth, it refines.  Maybe most importantly, it helps us define our priorities and discover the things we value most.  

I have a testimony that life is meant to be lived outside of our comfort zone.  I know I am at my best when I am adapting.  It is the times that I get complacent and too content that I start to turn into the worst version of myself.  It is so much easier to be selfish and self-focused when things are convenient.  That is why I love this video.  A 30 day change for the better?  Just an experiment? Doable.  Who wants an effortless life anyway?  Give me change and challenge.

1 comment:

  1. You should have told me that clip was only 3 minutes long. I thought it was like 20, so that's why I put it off forever. I'm excited to try this!