Friday, December 16, 2011

Good People, Good Christmas

It is no secret that Halloween stands firm as my favorite holiday.  I love it all, the costumes, the candy, the creeps.  I've taken a lot of flack over the years for this opinion.  It seems loving Halloween past the age 10 is not so cool.

Anyway, why on December 16th am I going on and on about Halloween?  Confession time.  My love of Halloween has maybe led to an under-appreciation of Christmas.  It's true.  Christmas makes me nervous.  So many expectations and complications. Halloween is so simple in comparison.

The truth is however, Halloween is simple because it is selfish.  Something that I tend to be, despite various and inconsistent efforts to overcome this flaw.  It is when I read stories like the following, click here, that I am reminded that Christmas is bigger than the meaning I associate with it.  I love this story.  Read it.  It is fantastic.  When I hear about things like this and view Christmas from this perspective, outside of myself, I can start to admit that maybe Christmas is better than Halloween after all :)

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